Hit the Road App provides a one software solution to companies, governments, and municipalities to manage their infrastructures. Workers can now enter their findings in the field, and submit them to a manager for review, or directly to a work crew for repair. This can all be done in real time with all information being backed up automatically with entry accuracy ensured with geotagged and time stamped submissions.

Software Modules

At Hit the Road App we believe the software you use should be as scalable as the business you run. That is why we offer our software as a number of modules for you to choose from to build the software solution that is right for you. Not only can you customize your packages, but our modules can be added at any time during your subscription to enhance your services and experience. The list of modules will continue to grow and change as technology does so that we can best serve your needs. Updates to our software are done automatically so your users will not be impacted with outdated software. Below you will find a list of the modules we are currently offering, and a list of modules we have in development. If you have any ideas, please drop us a note from our Contact Us page, we would love to hear from you.

Patrol Module

Deficiency Tracking

Inspection Reporting


Document Library

Asset Inventory

In addition to the above noted modules, we have a number of services available.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Services
  • Data Entry
  • Online Training

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